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The problem

Nearly everybody knows this kind of situation.

Far too many clothes in the closet but no clue what to wear? Being in the changing room and no friend around to give you some helpful advice if you should buy it or not? Wasting too much time every morning to find the right outfit? Or just got lost what the current fashion trends are?

But much more important is how do the clothes come to Europe? And how do they get produced?
Especially, what happens to all the clothes that aren't sold?!

The solution

SNAZZ will be your AI based fashion app which will support you in every situation.
...and also will make the world greener.

The idea is that you upload a photo of your style to SNAZZ and the community will give you feedback about it.
With this feedback data about your style we will be able to give you tailor-made outfit suggestions in the near future.

Earn money while uploading your styles and show the community where to buy your beloved pieces of clothing with affiliate links!

With all this collected, anonymous and combined data we will support the fashion industry by reducing the overwhelming waste of global resources and fix the problem of massive overproduction which comes from producing clothing no one really needs.


Did you know?

One third of the worldwide produced clothing will not be sold because it just does not suit the customers fashion taste.

What happens to these clothes? Do they donate it? Or recycle?
NOPE! It get's thrown away, burned or just shipped back to Asia without any traces.

This means we literally throw 35 bil. Euro in clothing into the bin. We need to fix this, so please help with your data!

the snazz app

Get inspired
and help others!

Outfit Voting Give feedback on styles of random people, friends and influencers.
And discover new trends in your neighborhood or around the globe.

See all information about
your style!

Outfit Details Check out the community's feedback on your styles to see
the current voting results and helpful comments.
So you can optimize your outfits and feel like an influencer.

See whats going on!

Newsstream Always be up to date and check out what your friends
and favorite influencers are wearing.

Digitize your outfits
to always have them with you!

User Profile Create your own fashion profile with all your personal styles to have them always with you. Show your looks to the community and see who is following you.

Create your own
dream wardrobe!

Wardrobe Collect inspiration and create your digital wardrobe to
have the right outfit for every event.

about us

All 3 members of the young SNAZZ founders team grew up on the beautiful isle of RĂ¼gen and share 20 years of friendship with each other. Since 2018 we are working and optimizing the idea of SNAZZ and developed the mobile app.

How did we came up with the idea? Hannes always got images of outfits sent by his friends to tell what he thinks or give advice whether it's worth buying or not.

With SNAZZ we want to make the user happier and make the world a bit greener! We're going to do this by creating industrial sales forecasts by analyzing the current and upcoming fashion trends in certain regions which will lead to a reduction of overproduction, unnecessary global shipments and the waste of natural resources!

The team

Bild Hannes Trettin Hannes Trettin
Ex-Project-Manager, Ex-Consultant and Fashion-Lover
Bild Toni Gurski Toni Gurski
Developer and Co-Founder of
Bild Matthes Trettin Matthes Trettin
Photographer and Designer


Bild Min Ye Min Ye, PhD
Data Scientist Expert


Want to get in touch with us to get more detailed information about SNAZZ?
Just send us an email to info[at]